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We would always get calls from other companies that said they had a better program. When you sign up you never ever hear from them again. Any time we have a question or problem, we call Brian and he walks us through everything. I love the fact that he puts out a monthly newsletter. It’s full of great information. He also just checks in from time to time. My recommendation to others is to sign up for service with Brian with Allied Bancard.

Susan Loman, Loman Eyecare

I have only worked with Brian a short time, but I am already so glad we switched from our old company.  Not only are we saving money, but, in the past, dealing with my merchant account was a mystery.  Who do I call if I have questions?  What if there’s an issue?  I don’t understand how this works, who can help me?  It’s so helpful to have one point of contact for all my questions.  Especially when that point of contact is Brian.  He is so helpful and responds quickly.  He also keeps our business up to date with technology that can improve our daily work flow and productivity.  I would highly recommend his services!

Brooke Tetrault, Carity MD

John Cannon - MyCarDoc

Matt Wenger - Market Maker, LLC

Dave Quiesser - Sabbatical

Luke W Russell -

My goal is to simplify things for you so that you don't have to worry about your merchant account. Brian Manning, Bancardsales - CardConnect

I got in touch with Brian Manning during a time when I was having major problems with my card processing company. At first I was a little skeptical to switch providers and didn’t trust anyone, because the company that I was with had lied to me. They also overcharged me, and even charged me for a terminal that I didn’t even have possession of! After a couple of meetings and phone conversations with Brian, my concerns and questions were answered and now I have piece of mind knowing that my card processing needs will be taken care of. He has followed through on everything that he promised, and even gave me suggestions on how to get out of the mess with the other company.

Mark Stollings, Freeman Tire & Automotive

I can call you with any questions I have. The personal touch is something that is important with a merchant account. I really have not had any problems while using your service which is a fortunate thing. You sat down and went over EVERYTHING with me before I signed anything so I understood everything that was going on. If I have questions you are available.

Lori Rice-Salemi, Colored Threads
"I believe in letting others speak for the quality of my work and keep this principle as the cornerstone of my daily efforts." - Brian Manning, CardConnect -

Becky Farley - Simply Leisure

Dan - Quick Lube Express

John Greer - Shelbyville Discount Appliance

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