Virtual Terminal  Merchant Account Pricing Quote

CardPointe Virtual Terminal Overview

  • Card Connect Virtual Terminal accessable through any internet enabled device including tablets and phones
  • Interchange Plus Retail Pricing enabling you to achieve low cost effective rates (detailed pricing listed on this page under the pricing section)
  • Complimentary Access to the merchant center reporting system which allows you to view statements, batch reports and transactions in real time
  • 24 Application Approval so you can start accepting payments as soon as possible
  • Compatable with iPad and Android Tablet devices so any member of your team or company can start processing
  • EMV Compatable Devices so you can accept smart chip credit cards from your customers
  • 24-Hour Deposits available so you can get your money as quick as possible
  • Available USB Card Swipers so you can achieve card present rates!

CardPointe Merchant Account Pricing & Contract Term

The fees & costs listed below are for the merchant account only. It does not include virtual terminal network costs, equipment costs or gateway per item fees.

AMERICAN EXPRESS is automatically added to your account unless you request for it to be left off. Pricing will be set by AMEX and all of your AMEX transactions are deposited along with your normal batch through the OPT Blue program.

  • Interchange Pass Through Fees: plus .40% (pass through pricing includes interchange fees and dues & assessments)
  • Transaction Fee: $.08 per transaction
  • Statement Fee: $5.00 per month
  • IRS Reporting Fee: $3.50 per month
  • PCI Compliance Fee: $99 per year charged in August each year
  • Monthly Minimum Fee: $25 per month
  • Contract Term: month to month ($0 cancellation fee)
  • Account Setup Fee: $0
  • Batch Fees: $0
  • AVS (Address Verification Service) Fees: $.05 per item (this is opitonal and is only activated by request)

CardPointe Virtual Terminal Pricing

The fees & costs listed below are for the virtual terminal service and are paid in addition to the merchant account fees listed above.

  • Monthly Virtual Terminal Service Fee: $7/month
  • Virtual Terminal Transaction Fee: $.05 per transaction
  • Optional USB Swiper: $89 per unit (bulk pricing discounts available)

The CardPointe Mobile app is available to download for FREE in the app store(s). You will also be sent an activation email upon the approval of your merchant account with a direct link to to download the app WITH instructions on how to activate your account and start processing.

CardPointe Reporting/Processing Center

Complimentary Access With Your Merchant Account

  • Reporting Tab: download view real time transactions including open batches and settlement reports
  • Optional Virtual Terminal: can be instantly activated at a cost of $5/month plus $.03 per transaction
  • Account Alerts: Receive instant notifications when your statements are ready, a chargeback is filed, and more!
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