Earn Recurring Revenue by Referring Your Clients!

Exclusively for Keap/Infusionsoft Certified Partners

Merchant Account Partner Program

A simple way to add monthly recurring revenue to your bottom line by recommending reliable merchant services to your clients!

Program Benefits & Overview

The Merchant Account Partner Program is a simple way to provide a reliable payment processing solution while earning monthly recurring revenue in the process. Here's some of the highlights of the program.

As a Reseller Partner, What Do You Get?

You gain the ability to control the merchant services experience for yourself and for your clients.

As a partner you'll have a direct point of contact and someone to turn to when/if you have questions for your own account and/or for your clients.

From application to onboarding, we'll be there every step of the way so when you have questions we'll work with you directly to get them answered.

  • Reliable Solution For Your Clients - Whether you advise your clients to find their own merchant account solution or you steer them toward Keap Payments, you now have an incentive to sell the service yourself! Instead of sending them elsewhere, provide a needed and relialbe solution to your clients recommending your new merchant account program!
  • Zero Learning Curve & No Training Required - Log your referrals in a dedicated application page and you get credit for the referral! It's extremely simple to participate. This is not a certification program, so there are no videos or modules to complete. It operates like an affiliate/referral program and all you need to do is send your referral through a dedicated lead form that is provided to you and my team will handle 100% of the fulfillment!
  • Access to Direct Support -If you, or your clients have questions about fees, refunds, statements, payment gateways, deposit times, or anything else related to a merchant account you now have a direct point of contact!
  • Low Monthly Fees and At-Cost Rates For Your Own Account For all active Keap/Infusionsoft certified partners, you can take advantage of a $15 monthly fee merchant account with low-cost processing fees/rates. Most providers like Wepay, Stripe, Square, PayPal, and other merchant account providers charge 2.9% + $0.30.
  • Earn Recurring Revenue - Earn 20-30% of net revenue, paid out automatically each month! There is no minimum account requirements to qualify & no cap on the amount you can earn.

Join the Program

Add your name and email address here. It simply adds a tag to your name so I can personally follow up with you and get you registered for the partner program. I'm looking forward to working with you!  ~Brian Manning

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What Do Your Clients Get?

They get better rates, better support and a managed service that they no longer have to worry about!

Setting up a merchant account is otherwise confusing and sometimes time consuming not to mention the knowledge required to integrate with Keap/IS and other platforms.

Your clients get an industry leading merchant account solution managed by their trusted partner (you), so they don't have to worry about whether they're keeping up with the best on the market or whether they're getting a good deal!

  • Low Rates: that are less than most other merchant account providers. This averages out to 2.50% or less, based on variables like, average ticket, total monthly credit card volume, and type of credit card accepted.
  • Reporting Dashboard: CardPointe is a fully functional reporting platform that shows charges in real time and perminently logs all transactions for future reference.
  • Free Mobile App: that allows any user to quickly check batch reports, daily volume and even run transactions if need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does this program serve?

The United States and Canada.

There are also solutions available in the UK and Australia so if you have clients there (or your business is located there) reach out to support at info@bancardsales.com.

How much time is required of me to sell the service and how much maintenance is there?

Very little time needs to be spent on maintenance. The only time required will be selling the service up front so that depends on your own sales process.  It can be as simple as making a recommendation and sending your client to the referral application link.

After that it is a managed for you service.

This program was designed so that you could utilize a reliable program without being required  learn anything about the merchant account industry.

Will you contact my clients to discuss marketing, consulting, or any other services?

Absolutely NOT.

We respect the agency relationship you have with your clients and will not contact your clients in any way for services that are un-related to the merchant account.

(*Note:  Notification emails from the merchant account processor will be still be sent of course, but only for issues directly related to the merchant account itself)

Does it work with Keap AND Infusionsoft?

Yes, it works with both products.

For Keap, you can connect through Authorize.net and for Infusionsoft, you can connect with Authorize.net and/or Network Merchants gateway (NMI.com) and either option works great!

There is NO 3rd-party software that is required to connect the merchant account solution to a Keap/Infusionsoft app.

How long does it take to get an account approved? Is it instant approval?

No, it is not instant approval.

The approval process typically takes about 48-72 hours but can take up to 1 week for accounts in the United States.

Accounts in Canada, UK, or Australia could take 1-3 weeks for approval.

Throughout this process you will have direct support with our team so you will not be left on your own to figure things out. We will be there for you to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Does this make sense for startup businesses? (Some of my clients are just getting started)

It depends.  It’s a case by case scenario.

Ideally, this program follows the same target demographic as a Keap client, which is $4,000 in monthly revenue.

If a business is just starting out or has infrequent credit card transactions to process, while it doesn’t exclude them from the program, better solutions (like Keap Payments) may exist depending on the client needs.

If you have a client “on the bubble” and would like to discuss reach out to support and we’ll discuss it with you.

Merchant Account Partner Program compared to other Payment Processing options
Provide a Reliable Solution to Your Clients
Low Rates & Flexible Pricing That You Can Control
Direct Integration with Keap & Infusionsoft
Personal & VIP Direct Support
Earn Money

Other Solutions


revenue share

Stripe, PayPal, WePay, and ALL Other Merchant Account Providers
  • Provide a Reliable Solution to Your ClientsTypically it's hit or miss. You take a chance with the provider you select.
  • Low Rates & Flexible Pricing That You Can ControlPay the rates/price that everyone else does (often 2.9+%)
  • Direct Integration with Keap & InfusionsoftMaybe... it depends on the solution
  • Personal & VIP Direct SupportNot available
  • Earn MoneyNot available

Merchant Account Reporting/Processing Center

Complimentary Access available for US and Canadian based merchant accounts!

  • Reporting Tab: download view real time transactions including open batches and settlement reports
  • Free Hosted Payment Page: can be instantly activated when your account is approved
  • Account Alerts: Receive instant notifications when your statements are ready, a chargeback is filed, and more!

Join the Program

Add your name and email address here. It simply adds a tag to your name so I can personally follow up with you and get your registered for the partner program. I'm looking forward to working with you!  ~Brian Manning

Step 1 of 2: Fill Out the Form

The next step will take you to a calendar page where you can schedule your call.

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